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Yet Another Healthy Cookbook

This time Tal Ronnen asks you to be The Conscious Cook, which he defines as “eating everything in the world except animal products.”   Yes, that means vegan.

If you like reading cookbooks for the pictures, this one is for you.  Full page ads with beautiful colors and designer arrangements on pages facing ingredients and simple instructions.  Sometimes, you’ll forget you’re looking at tofu instead of ricotta.

Ronnen keeps the focus on recipes and food preparation with very few perfunctory pages of why it’s good to eat this way (Paul McCartney says so). Guest chefs weigh in with some pointers, and the list of restaurants across the country is a nice addition, if limited – but maybe there just that many out there.

Divided into the usual classifications, the soups seem to be the best – an easy celery with apples looks good.  Unfortunately, the dessert section is severely lacking.  You’ll have to go back to the Kind Diet for those cupcakes.