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Lahaina Noon on Aloha Friday

A day when no man or woman casts a shadow – in Hawaii, anyway.  Known as Lahaina (meaning “cruel sun”) Noon, shadows disappear for about five minutes in Hawaii because of the sun’s position directly over the state.  The phenomenon only happens in the tropics, and only in one state – Hawaii.

It already happened in Hilo; it happens today in Honolulu – no shadow – but no groundhogs and no predictions about Spring.  Hawaii only has Summer and Winter.

Poles casting no shadows in the parking lot at UH Hilo at 12:16 p.m. 5/18/11

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No Rabbits on Rabbit Island

Manana Island aka Rabbit Island, Oahu

Does this look like a rabbit?  Maybe, but the name comes from its former inhabitants – rabbits – on this little island until 1994, when they ate themselves out of a home.  Seabirds breed here now.