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Meet the Author of The Little Greenies


Petronella Evers had her own table at the Hawaii Book and Music Festival. Originally from the Netherlands, she has been living in Hawaii for 15 years, and has just written, photographed, and published her first book about rescuing a fantasy seabird.

Evers sculpted Manu the Seabird and his friends, and created a story of environmental awareness.  Her children appear in the pictures along with the “Little Greenies.” The book has a fresh look, with appealing bright colors, and a connection to nature.


Dinosaurs in Hawaii

Scary Dinosaur outside the Bishop Museum

Maui Whale Watching

Saw whales off shore…  none were photogenic, but Maui was…

Shrimp Truck Feast

Hawaiian Post Thanksgiving/Pre-Christmas Shrimp on the North Shore

Hawaii Little League Almost There… Again

Third time is a charm and this is the third time in Waipio’s history that the Little Leaguers have made it to the World Series.   In  2005 and 2008 the Waipio Little League became the World Champions, and Hawaii is looking for it to happen again.

Big game today – the winner earning one of four berths in the Championship Weekend of the Little League Baseball World Series.

Watching Little League is like watching baseball the way it used to be – just fun, only a little politics – Little League is a big deal…

Little League World Map


but no steroids.   Batter up!