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Greeks in Hawaii

The 35th Annual Greek Festival on Magic Island in Honolulu

Good food, music, and dancing –

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So Many Ways to Say the Same Thing


Super Moon in Hawaii

Super Moon

Super Moon

The full moon over the water – supersized at 5 A.M.  I thought about howling but didn’t want to wake the birds.

Still there later – to greet the sun – riding on a cloud.


How to Cut Up A Pineapple

Have you ever tasted a fresh pineapple? In season, they are sweet and juicy, and not as hard to cut up as they look.

  •  First, twist off the crown.
  •  Cut the pineapple in half, then in quarters.
  •  Trim off the ends to give yourself a flat      surface to work with.
  •  Cut out the core.
  •  Standing the end on a flat surface, cut  down the shell in strips.
  •  Finally, cut the fruit into bite-sized pieces.

Better than the canned version.

Lahaina Noon on Aloha Friday

A day when no man or woman casts a shadow – in Hawaii, anyway.  Known as Lahaina (meaning “cruel sun”) Noon, shadows disappear for about five minutes in Hawaii because of the sun’s position directly over the state.  The phenomenon only happens in the tropics, and only in one state – Hawaii.

It already happened in Hilo; it happens today in Honolulu – no shadow – but no groundhogs and no predictions about Spring.  Hawaii only has Summer and Winter.

Poles casting no shadows in the parking lot at UH Hilo at 12:16 p.m. 5/18/11

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