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Healthy Green Glop to Balance the Halloween Goup

Candy, candy, and more candy is my mantra for Halloween.  But sometimes I eat so much that I need a pickle – so I can cleanse the palate and go on to eat more candy.

My mother like kale to balance the sugar rush, and she would take the decorative kale from the sandwich plates served in restaurants, saying “what a waste that they don’t know this is something to eat.”  She bought kale too – usually baby greens when she could find it.

It took me awhile to acquire a taste for the green glop, but now I actually like it.

Kale – from Grandmom’s Secret Stash

Start with a big bunch of kale (it will wilt down to half); clean and drain – then strip the leaves from the stems.  Use extra virgin olive oil, at least  5 cloves of garlic (to scare away the vampires); fresh chopped basil and fresh chopped parsley (important to use fresh).

Heat a large pot; when the pot is warm, add olive oil to medium heat; add minced garlic – cook only until you start to smell the fragrance – do not burn. Add kale, basil, and parsley.  I know this is a lot of green, but the flavors all come together with the herbs – you need them.

Stir with wooden spoon as the kale melts down – will look like spinach.  Salt to taste.   Tasty warm or cold – or some can be frozen.

Deep Fried Snickers – the Ultimate Halloween Treat

What’s your favorite Halloween candy?  Not too early to stock up, taste-test a few – or more.  You can always buy another bag.

I read an article lately extolling the virtues of healthier candy… http://www.realsimple.com/holidays-entertaining/holidays/halloween/healthier-halloween-candy-00000000045321/index.html

Snickers made the cut but not Butterfingers – not that it matters when you eat the whole bag – even if they are “fun size.”   Not sure if the deep-fried snickers bar still qualifies.

Make your own…the Food Network has an easy recipe, if you are interested.


I’d eat my Snickers before the oil got hot.