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Eating at the Boulevard is Better than Reading Their Cookbook

Eating my way through San Francisco…luckily The Boulevard is across from a great pathway with a view of the double decker Bay Bridge (Embarcadero), so I could walk up an appetite.

This is the first time I’ve followed a cookbook author to her restaurant and it was so worth the trip. I was so excited (and hungry) I took a bite of my wild salmon before taking a picture. And, of course I had two desserts.



Revolting Recipes

from Roald Dah’s Revolting Recipes

This cookbook references  all those tasty treats described in Dahl’s books, including recipes for:

  • Stink Bugs’ Eggs
  • Snozzcumbers
  • Wormy Spaghetti
  • Lickable Wallpaper
  • Hair Toffee to Make Hair Grow on Bald Men
  • and more – all edible

If you need to make one now, you’ll find the recipe for Bruce Bogtrotter’s Cake (from Matilda), at