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The Authentic Happiness Survey

Happiness is a warm puppy

Want to know how happy you are?  Do you need a survey to tell you?

The University of Pennsylvania center on Authentic Happiness has a survey for you.

Go to the website   http://www.authentichappiness.sas.upenn.edu/questionnaires.aspx  or just click on Authentic Happiness above.

Then, click on “Questionnaires” and down to “Authentic Happiness Inventory.”

Their instructions are below…

You’ll immediately receive your score and see how it compares to the scores of others who have used this website. We’ll keep a record of your scores, so that you can return later and see how far you’ve progressed. To see your earlier scores, log in and choose the Test Center link.

You must complete our free registration form to use the questionnaires. Once you are registered, you may log in whenever you like to use them again or view your scores.

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