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Workers at Dawn

IMG_3398Heard in the wind as I was walking:”I was just trying to decide if I want to go to work today.”



National Cookie Day

CisforcookieToday – December 4th – is National Cookie Day.  Bake some cookies, or better yet, eat some.

What’s your favorite cookie recipe?

The Reading Room

A haven in the middle of the busy metropolis – the New York City library Reading Room…



Halloween Balloons



How to Cut Up A Pineapple

Have you ever tasted a fresh pineapple? In season, they are sweet and juicy, and not as hard to cut up as they look.

  •  First, twist off the crown.
  •  Cut the pineapple in half, then in quarters.
  •  Trim off the ends to give yourself a flat      surface to work with.
  •  Cut out the core.
  •  Standing the end on a flat surface, cut  down the shell in strips.
  •  Finally, cut the fruit into bite-sized pieces.

Better than the canned version.