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Emily Dickinson and Riding a Bike

Now another way to relate to one of my favorite poems by Emily Dickinson:

Then there’s a pair of us — don’t tell!
They’d banish us — you know!

In Mary Choi’s essay for the New York Times – The Terror and Humiliation of Learning to Ride a Bike at 33  – she confesses to being an adult who never learned how to ride a bike – a skill lacking in my upbringing too.   I thought I was alone, but Choi’s humorous essay gives me hope.  All I have to do is move to New York City and buy a bike helmet. riding_a_bike_clip_art_19458

Hawaii Little League Almost There… Again

Third time is a charm and this is the third time in Waipio’s history that the Little Leaguers have made it to the World Series.   In  2005 and 2008 the Waipio Little League became the World Champions, and Hawaii is looking for it to happen again.

Big game today – the winner earning one of four berths in the Championship Weekend of the Little League Baseball World Series.

Watching Little League is like watching baseball the way it used to be – just fun, only a little politics – Little League is a big deal…

Little League World Map

but no steroids.   Batter up!

Improving Your Memory

Brain Teasers

The Thinker

1.  Amy bets Chris $1.00 that she could guess the score of the basketball game before it starts. Chris agrees, but loses the bet. Why did Chris lose the bet?

2.  What goes uphill faster than it goes downhill?

3.  A classic mystery:  A man is sitting in a chair by a window, SHOT DEAD IN THE HEAD. There is a wet patch on the floor underneath the window. The window is locked, NOT SMASHED IN ANY WAY, and the door to the room is locked. The room window is DIRECTLY opposite another flat’s window. How did the man die?

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