Scents for Healthy Living

lavender-flower-clip-art-8096518-branch-of-lavender-violet-scented-beautiful-plant When a well-dressed woman entered the elevator, I was enveloped in a delicious scent.  Asking her what it was, she replied – vanilla – she had been baking and the scent had lingered on her clothes.  I remembered my experience when I read Jan Moran’s (author of Fabulous Fragrances) list of aromatherapy solutions to common problems.

Try the complementary scent to solve the appropriate problem:

  • Anxiety: vanilla, lavender, basil, rose, chamomile
  • Depression:  rose, lavender
  • Fatigue: lemon, peppermint, lily of the valley
  • Headache: lavender, eucalyptus, ginger, peppermint
  • High blood pressure: lavender,sage
  • Insomnia: lavender, basil, vanilla
  • Stress: lavender, rose, vanilla

Time to get some lavender and bake some cookies with vanilla.



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