Rosie’s Rhymes

Before the Morning

The lonely kayak meets the swell
A solitary world of ocean –
Pink clouds warning,
Seabirds calling,
Oars whisper a hopeful knell.
A powerful calm before
The world intrudes.

Morning Brew

A slow black stream;
Night fences shaken.
Fragrant stead;
Senses awaken.
Coffee works.


Requisite Exercise

Early morning walkers
Invade the silent park.
Nowhere to go
Without confrontation in the dark.

Don’t speak to me or smile,
Curb your friendly dog.
Can’t you see I’m still asleep,
My mind still in a fog.

Is there a beach, a park, a trail,
Where most will never dare?
If you find it and you see me,
Pretend I am not there.

A Thousand Days Ago

Feeling alone.
Thinking back.

If I could talk to you again,
Would you listen,
Or would you be telling me of your woes.
Do I listen
Or am I just thinking of myself.

Death is final.
No more chances to take it back
Or say it again.


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