Keep It Simple, S…..

Having made a special trip to Whole Foods to buy organic grass-fed ground beef – actually, ground filet – and stacked my basket with organic black beans, organic sweet potatoes, organic flour, and no-cheese cheese – I was ready to make a healthy extravaganza.  But by the time I got all my special items home, I was too tired to think about looking at a recipe.  It would keep, wouldn’t it?

The shelf life of organic is not the same as those pieces laden with lethal chemical preservatives, and the next day, I was guiltily aware that I either had to use the beef – or throw it away. The rest would keep.

Fire up the grill – sizzle a little olive oil – slap a quarter pound of raw beef on the skillet – sprinkle with dried basil (organic) and cheese – voila!  the perfect simple meal.  And another new year’s resolution quashed.

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