My New Coffee Pot

The old Mr. Coffee never made the trip to the island – a sign that my coffee making needed an adjustment.

  • With the French Press, the coffee was tasty but never quite the right temperature:  if you don’t boil, how many bubbles should pop up before the water is right?
  • I bought a fancy stove top espresso maker and spent a morning mopping up the ceiling after it blew its top.
  • Instant coffee was never an option.
  • Better to go to the local coffee shop, but that means donning clothes and driving bleary-eyed – hoping not to run into anyone familiar.
  • And then I found a coupon in the New York Times; what goes better with the paper than a good cup of coffee?

My Italian espresso machine arrived last night, and this morning was its christening. I had watched the demo on You Tube – looked so easy, why read the instruction book?  Two buttons, little capsule, tray of water…

Oh, it’s supposed to warm up first?

Oh, it doesn’t stop automatically?

Why were the instructions in Italian when the box said “Made in China”?   After a simulation of an I Love Lucy episode, with me frantically replacing full cups of progressively weaker cold coffee, I got it – started over – and yes, right steamy temperature, frothy foam, nutty taste – perfect.

Can’t wait to try again – maybe tomorrow.

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