Chocolate Craving

Which is worse?  Licking your fingers from a dip into a jar of Nutella or from a container of chocolate icing?

130 Calories  


200 calories
Total Fat    5.0g 11 g
Cholesterol  0.0mg 0.0
Sodium 95.0mg 15.0
Total Carbohydrates 21.0g 23.0
Protein   0.0g 2.0
Calories from Fat 45.0calories 99.0
Saturated Fat  1.5g 2.0
Trans Fat 2.0g 0
Dietary Fiber 1.0g 2.0
Sugars  17.0g 20.

Ingredients for Betty Crocker Chocolate Icing: Sugar , Partially Hydrogenated Soybean and Cottonseed Oil , Water , High Maltose Corn Syrup , Corn Starch , Cocoa , Contains 1% or Less of: Salt , Distilled Monoglycerides , Polysorbate 60 , Natural and Artificial Flavor , Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate , Citric Acid , Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate , Chocolate Liquor , Yeast , Nonfat Milk , Potassium Sorbate

Ingredients for Nutella: Sugar, peanut oil, hazelnuts, cocoa, skim milk, minerals, whey, partially hydrogenated peanut oil, soy lecithin emulsifier, vanilla, artificial flavoring

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