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So That’s Why We Watch and Read?!

“Films, perhaps, show us who we want to be, and literature shows us who we actually are. Sitcoms, if they show us anything, show us people we might like to know… whose problems never quite get solved.”

Tom Bissell in “A Simple Medium,” from the Dec. 6th New Yorker

Home for the Holidays with Classical WETA

Listening to my favorite Washington D.C. radio station online turned out be just the tonic I needed. Not only great music, but when the baritoned announcer mentions the one lane traffic on Route 50 and the temperature as 29 degrees, I can be oh-so-nostalgic for an East Coast Christmas –

as I watch the warm sun rise over Diamond Head.

Happy Birthday, DAD

Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

Today my father would have been 97, if he had not died exactly 30 years ago.  An avid reader, he leaned toward sagas of Rome, his heritage, and World War II, his experience. The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire and The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich were among his favorites.

He read all my college texts – more thoroughly than I did myself.  And could stay awake all night reading – something I’ve inherited.

I can still see him, sitting in his favorite chair, book open, smoking those cigarettes that killed him.  Wish he were here…

Shrimp Truck Feast

Hawaiian Post Thanksgiving/Pre-Christmas Shrimp on the North Shore