Pie is the New Cupcake

How could you ever get tired of cupcakes topped with mounds of icing.  Even Julia Child said that butter and sugar were the best – just not all the time.

Cake Couture is the local version in Honolulu of Sprinkles in LA and Magnolia in New York – impossible to pass by any of these places without buying a few – one to eat in the store; one for the road; and a few that you hope will make it home.

Now the New York Times says “pie” is the new obsession.  And Thanksgiving almost here – pumpkin, mincemeat, apple…


Here is a recipe from grandmom’s secret stash – with one of her secret ingredients…   the flakiest crust you will ever eat…

Single Pie Crust

Ingredients:  1 ½ cups sifted flour; ½ tsp salt; ½ cup Crisco (not butter); and 3tablespoons ice-cold milk (secret ingredient)

Sift flour before measuring.  Spoon lightly into remaining cup and level without shaking or packing down.  Combine flour and salt into mixing bowl.

With pastry blender or 2 knives, cut in Crisco; mixture should be coarse. Sprinkle with milk one tablespoon at a time; toss with fork. Work dough into firm ball with your hands.

Press dough into flat circle with smooth edges.  On lightly floured surface, roll dough to a circle about 1 ½ inches.   (I roll the dough between two pieces of waxed paper and peel it away into the pie plate – works great).

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