Good While It Lasted

Letter to the Editor of the Honolulu Star/Advertiser…

The Visitor Information Booth at the corner of Kalakaua and Kapahulu is scheduled for demolition on August 15th.

Volunteers have run the booth for years, replacing maps at their own expense, making repairs when needed, and even doing a little housekeeping. When the electricity was turned off by the city, the kiosk continued to operate – plenty of sunshine, even on cloudy days.

Most of the volunteers have lived here for over 10 years – some speak other languages including French and Japanese.  Locals sometimes stop by for a quick question or bus route.  Visitors like the idea of getting information from someone who lives here – what bus to take, local places to eat and shop, where to walk, golf, drive, surf, dance, swim, hike.

99 steps up to the top

And answers to strange questions have always been answered with a smile:  Is there an elevator to the top of Diamond Head crater?

The volunteers will miss serving, but the goodwill they have spread over the years, as valuable ambassadors for Hawaiian ohana, will be missed more.

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